Montag, 14. April 2014

Flower Power

Hi guys! 
As I already told you in my Venice Baby!-Post, exotic floral prints and flowers in general form part of my this year's summer favorites! On several exploration tours through LA's fashion stores I've encountered this trend many times and I'm pretty sure that this will be everywhere in German stores soon as well. It reminds me a little bit of the late 90ies fashion (which I experienced myself, holy crap, I’m getting old ;) ): daisy-bordered cropped tops, Frangipani prints (which will be shown in one of my next posts btw :) ), all kinds of flowers mixed together, combined with destroyed high-waisted shorts or even 70ies flare pants which celebrate their comeback this year - this is what I basically did in this post's outfit, too. 
I love the top because of its twisted details on the back. It is "girly" due to its colors and the floral print – orange, btw, is one of my favorite summer colors this year too! – but at the same time it’s a little bit edgy, especially if you wear it without a bra or a stick on bra (which is made of silicon and you simply attach it to your boobs). This adds the bit of free spirit hippie feeling to it ;) Caution I: if your Cup size exceeds a B-Cup, it could cause some difficulties though. Caution II: beware of the side-boobs! ;) 
Unfortunately, these amazing pants are too short for me, so you are very welcome to buy them at my Kleiderkreisel closet. The look that flare pants create is always classy and feminine – the best thing a tall skinny girl like me can wear. But also “normal” girls can take advantage from the cut: the high-waist hides a little belly and, given the legs are long enough to wear them with high heels, it stretches your legs amazingly. 
Release your inner hippie and wear flowers: in your hair, on your shirts, as eye catcher on shoes, bags :)

Shirt: Love Culture - Flare Pants, Ring, Bracelet: H&M - Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters

Thanks to Miri from for taking these pics!

Sonntag, 13. April 2014

Happiness. Big big word.

This is a post about some random thoughts that popped into my mind and which I want to share with you guys! Despite this being a fashionblog, I'm planning to write these kind of posts every now and then. Tomorrow I'll post another look for you :) I hope you enjoy reading this, too...

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the city. It was a sunny, nice day out. A really beautiful day of spring, which, by the way, is one of my favorite seasons, because everything cold and grey turns into blossom and colors. However, at one point of my lost-in-thoughts-walk, something caught my eyes: pure happiness. There was a guy who made huge bubbles to entertain people passing by. But he wasn’t the one who caught my attention. It was a couple of toddlers jumping between the monstrous bubbles, laughing, giggling, trying to catch them. This incredible admiration and fascination for the wobbling objects rising in front of them. Their eyes shining with joy. One of the most beautiful moments I experienced in a while…
“Am I a happy person?!” I asked myself. Well, most of the time, I would answer this question more or less convincingly with “yes”. But I frequently catch myself doubting it. And there are these moments, when I really feel ashamed doing so. I have everything. I am a blessed person. With a supportive family, amazing friends, I have food, clothes and a bed to sleep in at night - a very comfy one, I have to confess. Yes, I have everything; but I’ve been raised in a society teaching you to always crave for more. Which is actually not a bad thing, it incites you to keep going, in a way.

Happiness. Big big word. If you asked me about my personal definition of this word, this combination of letters arbitrarily signifying an abstract construct, I would be very likely to just shrug my shoulders and smile. In my opinion, happiness cannot be defined, it has to be experienced. It could be a state of mind - due to its abstraction. It could be a sunny day. An unexpected gift. Whatever. Anything. Everything and nothing. “Huh”, some of you might wonder, “nothing?!”. I do not refer to “nothing” in its classic sense rather than “nothing” you can grasp, touch, smell, hear or taste. Sometimes happiness is just there. And once it is there you will know. Immediately. If you dare realizing it.
Let’s face the simple truth: while growing up, most of us lose the ability to experience pure happiness. The feeling of being alive. This wonderful feeling when you just smile like an idiot for no apparent reason. Hold on... No, because of a damn good reason! And the sad truth is, most of the people who consider themselves as being “mature”, “grown up” and “adult”, have lost the ability to appreciate the small things which bear an enormous potential to cause actual happiness. Furthermore, those who are still able to let themselves go, to live in the moment of happiness, are frowned upon by those you probably are not even able to remember that state anymore. Isn’t it sad? Throughout our lives, we get overwhelmed with impressions, either good or bad, tons of impressions, so we force ourselves to focus on certain things that today’s society imposes on us as being important: job, career, our own egos, maybe family. It is so convenient to go with the mass. Many people are so concerned with themselves and what they think is the pursuit of happiness, that they are not very likely to actually experience it. It is paradox: losing happiness while pursuing it. Is it really worth pursuing a kind of happiness defined by mass? Most of you might now shake your head in disagreement. But what is happiness? And how can it be achieved? How about breaking the boundaries of this mass product and create your own kind of happiness?
Oscar Wilde said “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” – once you have realized this and you try your best to overcome this condition, I guess you are very likely to encounter moments of happiness. If you asked my teenage-me if money can buy happiness, the moronic girl in her Dolce & Gabbana shirt and Tommy Hilfiger pants would have answered “Of course! Money CAN buy happiness!” – but, well, this was like 11 years ago and this idiot of a kid has been left behind somewhere on my trips exploring the world, experiencing tiny pieces of what the true values in life actually are. Nonetheless, I have to confess, all of this would not have been possible without money. So my answer to the question, given by my present-me, is: spent prudently, money enables us to experience life and add value to our and other’s lives. This does not mean that you should not indulge yourself with the help of money. But always appreciate what you have, because it can easily be taken from you - your happiness, once you’ve untied it from external factors, cannot.
Happiness is a state of mind. So it is up to you. A positive mindset is the key, if you asked me. No one can tell you what should make you happy. It is your own property, which, as stated previously, cannot be taken away from you unless you let others determine it. Don’t be afraid to let yourself go every now and then. Have the guts to embrace your weirdness. Go out and open your eyes, soak up the beauty that surrounds you. Never let your search for “perfect” miss something special. Take chances, even risks, because you never know how perfectly something could turn out to be. If you’re not waking up facing life-threatening danger of any kind, well, you basically have what it takes to be happy. So make the most of it.

Enjoy your Sunday of happiness!

Mittwoch, 9. April 2014

Los Awesomeness - Love Angeles - City of Angels....

When you're suffering from jetlag, you spend a lot of time thinking. At least, this is what I do. I mean, what else are you supposed to do, when it's night and you pretend to be an owl or so?! Sometimes I get the impression that my crazy mind is awake night and day - and while being jetlagged it's just getting worse. I really enjoy staring into space, reflecting all bad decisions I've ever made or those that seem to be bad or not or whatever... or do I need to run some errands tomorrow...? Nope. Horrible! People say, if you can't sleep, you're awake in someone else's dream. So far so good. I get up and sit in front of my computer - and start to edit pictures. Super nice, now I'll be distracted until the early morning, yeay! Nevermind...
Here comes the good news: I edited pictures for my blog! So there you go :) This is a very casual look that can be worn while hanging out with friends or any other fun occasion. Even to school. That's not that much fun, though ;) The ombre sweater was another great pick from my shopping session in Brooklyn. It's super soft fabric (Cashmere) feels sooo good on your skin. Additionally, the rough worn out shorts match the softness of the girly-colored sweater perfectly. The hat has 3 purposes: frist of all, it's useful to keep the sun from blinding you, secondly, it looks cool and matches the sporty outfit, and last but not least, for me, it expresses my love to Los Angeles :)
These pics, apparently, were also taken at Venice Beach. Thanks again to Matt! Seeing those pics gets me in a kind of melanchonic mood. But anway, I hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as I enjoy sharing my memories with you...

Cashmere Sweater: Aqua - Shorts: Freesoul - Hat: New Era - Shoes: Keds - Bracelet: H&M

Samstag, 5. April 2014

Venice Beach Baby!

Hi folks, I'm back in Germany - with a suitcase full of wonderful memories... and clothes of course :) Those will be shot as soon as possible before my nice Cali tan fades. Look forward to my summer favorites - coming soon! 

However, here's a preview of one of my summer favorites for you: flower prints! I randomly found this Zara blazer at a thrift shop in Santa Monica and fell in love immediately! I love the exotic flowerprint and still it's a classic piece that can be combined in many ways - raging from elegant-chic to grunge-chic. It always adds a classy touch to your outfit. This time, I choose a cool-chic style with black worn out shorts and elegant sandals.
At the buttom of this post, I also added some "outtakes" to show you how much fun Matt and I had while shooting at the skate park at Venice Beach - and apparently, the skaters had a lot fun aside of their boards, too, haha...

Blazer: Zara - Shorts: Roxy - Sandals: Taupage - Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Venice Rooftop

Since the lastest statistics of my blog have shown that my audience is quite diverse and mainly international (what makes me fell sooo proud!) I decided to continue posting in English because it is a lot of work to write both in German and English. I really appreciate all the love that comes from all over the world - and I feel like giving you something in return :) and I hope my German readers will understand and continue enjoying my posts.
However, I apologize for not posting for so long! I've been really busy with school here in LA an back home. On top of all, I caught a bad cold that knocked me out for days...
Now I'm almost at a 100% again, ready to show you my next outfit from MONDELLI! I've already given you a little sneak peek on Instagram but here's the full series shot by Matthew Poldberg (which was a super fun shoot btw!) in Venice, CA.
Despite we shot this on a rooftop on a nice spring afternoon, this is the perfect party outfit! The comfort-fit top is made of a chiffon-like material which allows your skin to breath underneath, while the golden seams give it some glamour and  the blue dragonfly print adds playfulness. Perfect for hot summernights.
But my absolute highlight is the legging, which, like the one of Adriano Goldschmied I've shown you in my last post, is so incredibly comfy and at the same time the perfect jeans look-a-like! The metallic coat of it is a super stylish finsih on top. I just love the fit of These Pants so much!
By the way: I'm planning on a couple of renewals for my blog. I'll probably manage to apply them once I'm back in Germany - which is pretty soon. But writing in English won't be the only "cChange", "improvement" or whatever you may call it :)

Top: La petite Francaise - Leggings: Bleulab - Shoes: Taupage

Samstag, 15. März 2014


Letzten Samstag war ich zum shooten mit Zed Saeed in Pismo Beach unterwegs. Pünktlich zum herrlichen Sonnenaufgang waren wir vor Ort um wundervolle Bilder zu schießen. Diese gibt's bald auf meiner Facebook-Page zu sehen, seid gespannt! Da wir bereits so früh dort waren, ging es nach getaner Arbeit noch vor Mittag nach Hause. Nichts desto trotz blieb noch Zeit zum Herumalbern in meinem Outfit von MONDELLI auf dem Campingplatz, der unmittelbar neben der Shootinglocation war...
Zwei Dinge, die man leider nicht auf den Bildern sehen kann:
1) das Shirt hat einen Reißverschluss am Rücken. Wir waren so müde, dass ich vergessen hab, euch dieses Detail zu fotografieren. Ich werd einen weiteren Look damit knipsen, wenn ich wieder in Deutschland bin, keine Sorge ;)
2) Die Hose von Adriano Goldschmied ist sooo super bequem!!! Die erste richtig tolle Leggings, die wie eine Jeans aussieht, mit Taschen, Zipper & Co. und sich äußerlich so anfühlt - aber so bequem sitzt wie eine Leggings. Für mich definitiv ein Must-Have!

Last saturday I went to Pismo Beach to shoot with Zed Saeed. We were there for sunrise to take some beautiful pictures. Those will be on my Facebook-Page soon, stay tuned! Due to being out so early, we headed back home before noon. Nontheless, there was still some time to fool around in my Outfit from MONDELLI on the RV-Park that was next to the shootinglocation...
Two things which you can't see in the pictures:
1) The shirt has a zipper on its back. We were so tired that I forgot to capture that detail for you. But once I'm back in Germany, I'll shoot another look with it, no worries ;)
2) These pants from Adriano Goldschmied are sooo super comfortable!!! The first awesome Leggings that looks like a pair of Jeans, with pockets, Zipper & Co. and feels like that on the surface - but its fit is as comfy as the one of leggings. For me, this is definitely a must-have!

Shirt: La petite francaise - Leggings: Adriano Goldschmied -
Sneakers: Keds - Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Montag, 10. März 2014

The white fluffy thing

Mittlerweile bin ich im sonnigen Los Angeles angekommen, besuche dort seit letztem Montag eine Sprachschule und bin fleißig für die Uni zu Hause. Daher habe ich leider bisher noch keine Cali-Looks schießen können. Dafür kommt aber bald das erste Editorial und hier noch der letzte Look aus NYC...
Diese flauschige Jacke ist Teil meiner Thrift-Shopping Ausbeute von meinem Tag in Brooklyn. Nach langem, unschlüssigen Auf- und Abgehen im Laden, Facebook-Meinungsposts und wiederholtem An- und Ausziehen, entschloss ich, diesen Fashionblogger Klassiker mitzunehmen. Ja, sie ist vielleicht nicht unbedingt alltagstauglich. Ja, in Deutschland wird man mich darin womöglich für bescheuert halten. Ja, es ist mir ziemlich Wurst, weil ich das Teil irgendwie richtig cool finde und es prima zu meinem Style passt, wie ich finde. Was sagt ihr zum letzten NYC Look?
I eventually arrived at sunny LA where I'm going to School since last monday besides being busy for university back home. Thus, I couldn't find the time to shoot some Cali-Looks yet. But I'll Show you soon my first Editorial and here's the last Look from NYC...
This fluffy jacket is part of my Brooklyn thrift-shopping day haul. After long indecisive walks up and down the store, Facebook-opinion-posts and repeatedly putting it on and off, I decided to take this fashionblogger classic with me. Yes, it's probably not for daily use. Yes, in Germany they might think I'm crazy. Yes, I really don't care about that because I think that Thing is pretty cool and it suits my style perfectly well, to my opinion. What do you think about the last NYC Look?
Thanks to Urszula for taking the pics!


Jacket, Coated Jeans: Zara - Boots: Vintage - Bag: Louis Vuitton